ژرفا || Xarfa

The 4th International Exhibition of Shopping Centers, Commercial Complexes, New Approaches to the Retail Industry and Related Industries 1401

The fourth international exhibition of shopping centers, commercial complexes, new approaches of the retail industry and related industries 1401 (Iran retail show) from 2nd to 5th of August 1401 by the specialized page of the Iran Retail Show exhibition with the joint cooperation of the public relations of the J International Exhibitions Company. A. Iran, the journal of economics is held. The venue of Tehran International Exhibition and visiting time is from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

This exhibition can provide the opportunity to exchange technical and commercial information, to get to know more the owners and managers of shopping centers, commercial complexes, chain stores and top brands of various categories and related industries of the shopping centers industry, researchers and practitioners of the said industry.

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